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My Top 3 Places in Portugal. 3. Faro

With this post, I am starting the line about Portugal. I will review my 3 favourite places in Portugal and make a summary of my life there.

Here is my 3rd place – Faro. It is a cosy town by the ocean in southern Portugal. I love that small lovely place, its places of interest, and of course the warm ocean. There is no surprise that the water temperature in Portugal is low for regular swimming; however, it is not the case for Faro.

10 thoughts on “My Top 3 Places in Portugal. 3. Faro

  1. I can see why you love Portugal~!
    Effectively the antipodes of New Zealand, so the sea would be quite coolish in winter—sometimes it’s better to be discreet rather than adventurous, no? Brrrrr …


  2. Is indeed a really lovely place. Been there last December. Good basecamp to discover to other beautiful places on the coastline( Olhao for example…) .Have a nice weekend:),Gr Stef

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