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The Best of Prague

This is the picture post about Prague. I was in Prague twice in Winter, 2013 and Summer, 2016. These pictures are from the second trip:

31 thoughts on “The Best of Prague

    1. Don’t know about the most beautiful, depends how you define beauty, but Prague is indeed a most intriguing city, with a very eclectic mix of interesting (sometimes quirky) architecture, stunning views to be gazed upon due to the topography of the place as well as the meandering Vltava&bridges that allows you to catch a glimpse of what’s on the other side, which often is something very different than what is on this side 🙂
      I’m not so much keen on urban exploring, I much prefer the great outdoors and being alone, or as much alone as one can be nowadays out there, but I have to say I do get surprised sometimes of what I see even on familiar routes that I’ve gone on many times before.

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      1. Indeed. I try, although it’s not easy at all, to actively change my mindset to realize that all that exists really is NOW, and not tomorrow, that plans and planning your life ahead is good to some limited extent but that just living to one’s maximum “capacity” is still best, and that should include ad-hoc decisions to get up and go to some new and strange place, or maybe even suddenly move to a whole new country, on a different continent, and start fresh! Probably my biggest regret so far in life is not having chosen a career path to grant me the flexibility needed to be able to take such decisions, although I’m trying to best to get there someday 🙂
        Thanks for the lovely photos. Although I live here now for some time, I hardly take much time appreciating Prague for what it is.

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      2. Thank you for your comments! I loved you statement about being in the now. I guess this is one of the most difficult things to make. We are too busy with either memories from the past or dreams of the future.

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  1. I love your pics! I’ve only been to Prague once, in the winter, which was very pretty (it snowed!), but I’d love to go back in the summer. Where was that amazing photo looking down over the rooftops and market stall taken from?

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    1. My first time in Prague was also in winter! 😊 It was close to Christmas, and it was just a fairytale! The pictures is taken from the tower with astronomical clock, you can actually go upstairs and walk around the tower. The view is amazing!


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