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Who Am I? Identification through Career

Hello! In this post, I will tell you a bit more about my career path and education I accomplished to have it.

Like I already wrote, my first qualification is a teacher of English and German, and I worked one year accordingly (in Russia). After that, I moved to Finland for Master degree in Education, and there were 2 reasons why it was Finland:

1.Finland is world-famous for its education system, and it is a great honor to be awarded with the degree in Education from this country.

2. I was always curious about Finland and its rock music. What can be better that studying hard during the week and chill at a rock concert at the weekend? 😍

Coming back to the topic… Considering my educational background in Russia, no wonder I have chosen a linguistic-related field or to be more specific – the acquisition of the third language for the thesis.

For the PhD topic (still on-going), I went even further, choosing multilingualism for research. The inspiration for the latter came from the environment – Finnish people are fluent in many languages.

Meanwhile, I was teaching Russian language, which allowed me to combine practical and theoretical aspects. So, if you need a Russian teacher, you know whom to contact 😉

Beside that, I was involved into different research projects, I took courses in international business and marketing and obtained work experience in the field.

What am I up to for now? Do you remember that I mentioned the career change and lack of time for blogging in one of the posts? The reason is a new career path – I became an entrepreneur combining all my skills – languages, intercultural competence, and market research. How does it feel? Demanding, challenging, sometimes scary, but all in all Awesome! It is amazing to push yourself to grow and develop further, use the knowledge you already have and acquire new one!

Don’t be afaid of doing something you like! Believe in yourself, learn, improve! And you will succeed. Good luck with everything you do, my dear friends! ❤

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