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Turku, Finland

Some old pictures of my dear Turku, the city in the South-West of Finland. By the way, did you know that back in times Turku was the capital?

18 thoughts on “Turku, Finland

  1. Lovely as ever, Miss Elenka~!

    I must admit, vandal or otherwise … twitch twitch … that water just screams out for a flying pebble! (I hate myself sometimes … it’s a compulsion, you see …).

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      1. Yes, I am. From a small town close to Turku. I studied and lived in Turku for a couple of years. So seeing your lovely picture takes me back there ❀️

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    1. So you half-Finnish? Did you manage to keep you second language? Tampere is a nice city, and for some reason it has tense relationship with Turku, some competition πŸ™‚


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