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Going Out. How to Make a Decision? Finland. Part 3

This post is my experience on how we got used to go out with my Finnish friends. Or more specific, I decided to share my memories of how we got used to pick up the place where we would go out on Friday or Saturday.

A while ago, I was out a lot. It was nice to switch from intensive studies to chill weekends, to dance a bit, and of course, to spend time with friends.

One of the first rules, Finnish people plan everything in advance. I really hated it at the very beginning, but I absolutely love it now because this habit does keep your life in order.

Planning in advance means that you need to arrange the meeting 1-2 weeks beforehand, and spontaneous going outs are not that frequent at all. When the date is agreed, you have time to buy some snacks and wine. I loved to host my friends at my place, it was really lovely to chat, gossip a bit, share problems, tell jokes and funny stories. OMG.. How much I miss those old good times 😢

Returning to the topic… then we either went to dance or to the bar. I clearly had my preferred places, and strangely my friends were not picky at all. It took me a while to figure out that Finnish people were so nice not to push others to their preferences (unlike me 😄). And it is pretty much in the culture, you should not push anyone to make a decision. When I realised that, I felt quite bad because I always had a strong opinion (eventually my friends had, too, but they were more silent about it). But my friends still loved me the way I was, as these small awkward differences made us more interesting for each other. ❤

2 thoughts on “Going Out. How to Make a Decision? Finland. Part 3

  1. Love that photo, Miss Elenka—and love your observations. Knowing no better I’ve always thought of the Finnish as dour pragmatic people; the original home of the dread Seasonal Affective Disorder and who boozed their way through winter to take their minds off it …

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