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Who Am I? Identification Through Places. Russia.

Who am I?

This is a very philosophical question, which includes many dimensions and millions of words to describe and discuss. To be brief, I will tell you about myself through the countries I lived in.

I was born in the country, which you won’t find on the modern map. I was born in the state, which doesn’t exist anymore – USSR. Crazily big place it was back then. 🙂 It was a controversial, mysterious, scary, and closed place, so I read in books and saw in movies. But my grandparents were telling me different things. It was safe, everyone was equal, and the spirit of the community was strong. And I guess both points of view are correct…

My birth place is located in Russia, the southern part of it, in Krasnodar region. That area and Sochi in particular became well-known in 2014, when Olympic Games were held there.

But most time I lived in Tver, the city close Moscow. Quite a historical place, located on the main road of the country Moscow -St. Petersburg and on the bank of the Volga river.

At some point Tver could be the capital of Russia (or Rys’ as it was called back then) and not Moscow. Nowadays, it is difficult even to imagine. 🙂

I went to school and got my higher education exactly there. So the most essential years of my life I spent in Russia, and understandably I have a strong ethical identity and I am proud of my routes. Like anyone else should be proud of the place they come from. I am happy to be from the same country as Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoievski. 😊

We need to love and appreciate our routes, and in that case we will appreciate other cultures and traditions of others peoples. ❤

Next post will be why and how I ended up in Finland.

5 thoughts on “Who Am I? Identification Through Places. Russia.

  1. Keep ’em coming, Miss Elenka.

    For myself, I hold Russia and Russians in the deepest regard. The few Russians I’ve met have been warm, friendly, and with a (sometimes the English language lacks the right word and I’m no linguist~!) that is irresistible.

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