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Like you probably figured out, I live in southern Finland. Despite the stereotypes, winters were not that cold and snowy the past years in the southern part of the country. Usually, we have proper frost and snow in February, while December is a ‘plus temperature’ month. This time December and February are real winter. Just have a look! 😍

Pictures from my Instagram

20 thoughts on “Winter!

  1. I’ve always associated Finland with reeeeeeaaaaal snow and ice … your photos look much like the winters we used to get here (deep south of NZ); but lately ours too have been pussycats.

    Are you home now? (Knowing you, for just a wee while~!)


  2. The closest I have been to Finland is Sweden. But it wasn’t during winter time. Snow is essential to keeping the air clean and the ground saturated with enough moisture for summer time. I hear Finland has quite the forests.

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