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New Year!

Happy New Year!

My best wishes for 2019!

I don’t think I have ever been so happy to greet a new year as this time. I had a clear feeling that all bad stayed in 2018, and all the great changes are to start in 2019! 😍😀

But all the changes and achievements do require effort, and big victories start with tiny ones!

This is the year when I made proper resolutions, not the vague ones, but clearly formed.

– one cup of coffee per day (instead of 4) to have a better sleep at night.

– do more sports to be fit and healthy. I have more energy when I move.

– to eat healthy so that my exercises make me stronger

– to advance in playing the piano. I already made a list of songs I want to learn to play! 😍

– to do Yoga and meditation. It is a good way to resist stress and to be focused on what is really important.

– no alcohol as it is difficult to enjoy yoga before going to bed or simply to stay focused.

These things are incredibly simple to follow, I just needed to write them down to understand that. Switching habits will bring more significant changes.

Be a better version of yourself! 😘

9 thoughts on “New Year!

  1. This is a lovely image and the plan sounds doable too. I wish you a great year, Elena! I feel the same about it, as if all the bad stayed behind.

    I noticed that you liked the posts on my old blog but in the meantime – with the new year – I started my new one: Manja Mexi Moving. Welcome there too!


  2. Miss Elenka … resolutions are very much easier to keep if you follow the Eastern sage’s advice to simply “Do! Or do not! But don’t resolve …”

    I know, it appears trite—but it actually isn’t.

    Happy New Year, Ma’am!

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