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Why I did not Make Posts

Hello everyone!

I haven’t made any posts recently. It feels like I gave up one of my hobbies – blogging.

The first justification is time. However, I never had any extra time before either… There is another reason. I mentioned that I switched a career path a year ago, and it triggered a number of other changes in my life, which need to be seriously taken.

Second, I just started a new hobby, and I literally live with it. My friends, I started learning to play the piano! I still can’t believe my happiness. Piano was my dream since I was 7. As no one in the family was a music-related person, my dream was not supported. Then, in the beginning of adulthood, I was busy with building my life in a new country and keeping up with hobbies I had before. This summer, I decided it’s the time! I don’t remember when was the last time I was so passionate about anything. 😍 As you may guess, it also made me away from blogging.

Third, travelling. Again, like before… however, I stopped managing to do updates in time. Maybe it’s aging πŸ˜‚

Fourth, this maybe the main reason actually. My free data limit is over on the blog, so I do need to update the subscription to the next level. This way I will be able to share the pictures. Again, I just need the moment to do all the necessary manipulations.

Fifth, I also want to make the blog more personal, to tell you not only about the trips, but also about myself. I need to have the right mood for it, like now 😊

Have a good morning/evening!


Picture from my Instagram

16 thoughts on “Why I did not Make Posts

  1. Piano? My Dad used to pound out tunes (British pub style) and could strangle the accordion, but I have as much music in me as Einsteinian mathematics. You have talents and are using them: well done, you! More, please …

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  2. It’s always a good sign that you are enjoying your life 😊 that’s the way it’s supposed to be! Good luck with the piano lessons. And further plans. Cheers! Cumprimentos! πŸ˜ƒ


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