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Cultural Shock on Malta. First Impressions

Already last year, I planned to visit Malta, I saw the pictures of yellowish towns, blue sea, and sunny scapes. For some reason, I was sure this is the place I will like a lot. However, the terrible injury cancelled my plan…

I was sad, I was frustrated at that point; however, my dreams always come true. And a year and a half later, I am on Malta!

I arrived in the morning, and took a bus to the hotel. The stress I experience on the way was immense because the driver was on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. Before the arrival, I read some information on the history of the country and on the British influence; nevertheless, I missed the part regarding the trafic… 😄

When I arrive in the hotel, my room was not ready yet. My phone was ‘dead’, and I ask where I can charge my phone. The man on the reception replied that I can’t. I didn’t understand what he exactly meant. And the answer was simple, the sockets differ from the ones in Finland, Portugal, Russia. They were like in Britain. And again, I was not prepared to it. Luckily, in the hotel, they already knew that some people are ignorant on this matter, and an adapter was available. Safe!

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