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I have very complex relationships with this city. All Portuguese people love this place. And this is the only place in Portugal where I feel like an outsider. I love the history and culture of Porto, but I don’t like the way I feel there. This is so bizarre. I kept up trying to see the city in a new light, but my fourth visit did not change anything. It is like with people, you either have chemistry, or not.

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14 thoughts on “Porto

  1. This is indeed intriguing … I like your analogy about the chemistry, and can relate to it.
    Possibly in some subtle way the people are different, or perhaps it’s just the lie of the land itself … move on, Miss Elena—there’s a whole world out there just waiting for you~!

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  2. yes,difficult to explain (and… we have to explain to others?). Sometimes we fall in love with a place or not… . I have been 40x times(yes, 40) to prague in the last 17 years for several reason, and its only the previous 6 years that I started to like Prague (I hate mass tourism and places/people that let you feel like a money machine)… Just dig deeper in a place, the surroundings of a city, the outskirts, the ‘real’ city life, the green belt around a big city. About Porto, been there for 5 days in december and I really liked Porto. 5 days walking, in the narrow streets, seldom use public transport. Getting lost in the streets and rather avoid the trip advisor landmarks. Portugal has so much too offer…. I was so happy that I’ve been to Viseu, Covilha, not only for street art. #Love Portugal

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  3. Interesting. I would love to see more about your perceptions and maybe why you feel that way. But then maybe the polite approach is the one you have taken. Thanks.


  4. I’ve had the complete opposite reaction to Porto. When I first visited, I really fell in love with it. I felt it so easy to meander through the streets and get lost in the city. There was a sense of ease and peace I did not find in Lisbon.
    Do you know at all what makes you struggle with Porto? I know it’s not always an answerable question though…


  5. I have to say I loved Porto albeit I only visited only once. Intend going again maybe I ll pay closer attention to the locals. 🙂 The first morning walked into a busy cafe and ordered breakfast in Portuguese and got a huge reaction from owner. Would love to hear how the locals feel about visitors

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