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The Portuguese and Their Dogs

In one of the posts below, I wrote about how the Portuguese treat their dogs. It turned out to be a bigger thing than I thought. It is on a completely different level, and sometimes I feel that the quality of life of a Portuguese dog is better than mine, and their menu is more extensive than I could organise for myself.

A dog here in Portugal is not treated as an animal, a dog is treated as a human, and a dog is an absolute family member. The Portuguese talk to their dogs, they do care how a fluffy part of the family feels. In return, local dogs are very social and friendly, and they are eager to get acquainted with strange and greet everyone.

I stayed in a small place in the north of Portugal, in the area of private houses, owners of which had big dogs. The only tricky thing was that they could let those huge animals out for a run, independent run. And I am terribly scared of meeting an ‘independent’ dog… once, on my way from the shop, the enormous beast was running to me, and I was counting the last seconds of my life… The ‘beast’ approached me, waving with his tale. Then, he picked up a stick and asked me to play with him. He turned out to be a very friendly smart dude, and it’s incredible how much personality he had 😍

Coming back to attitude, I went for a coffee with my friend, and she took a dog with us. We stayed outside, and it was quite hot on that day. The waiter brought water to the dog, taking into account the heat. Isn’t it sweet?

Another time, I had a small talk with a man, and he mentioned his dog, who passed out a year ago or so. He had tears in his eyes and a tattoo with the dog’s name on his arm… A lady I had a chance to talk to, told me the story how one of her dogs misses the other one that died. The woman almost burst into tears… These people were talking about their dogs as if they were talking about people…

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