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The Portuguese can’t handle bad weather

Portuguese people can’t handle bad weather. First of all, let’s identify what is bad weather in general. Coming from Russia and living in Finland, I see bad weather quite often either intense rain or even snowfall. And yes, it also depends on the season. What is bad weather for you? πŸ˜‰

Understandably, the perception of bad weather is significantly different here in Portugal, the country spoiled with sun, great wine, and powerful ocean. Portuguese people can’t handle bad weather, especially in summer. Upon my arrival, I heard a lot of complaints regarding the late summer. It was 21 degrees, cloudy, and people were wearing coats and warm shoes. In Finland, 21 degrees is considered warm!

Yesterday morning, my dear Lisboa was covered with clouds, and even a couple of drops fell. I went for a coffee, wearing just shorts and a T-shirt, of course without an umbrella. It was very confortable for me in terms of conditions. Locals looked at me as if I was crazy and as if the temperature was 30. During the day, when the weather improved, everyone around was discussing unbearable rain, clouds and cold.

19 thoughts on “The Portuguese can’t handle bad weather

  1. It’s the same for me (from the UK) in New Zealand. I’m still in shorts in mid-winter…although I do put on a vest if it gets really cold. πŸ™‚ I guess immigrants are all just weird…


  2. We don’t handle that! And in the Azores island it’s crazier! Why? Because we usually say that we can have the 4 seasons in a day!
    And bad weather it’s something like you said… cloudy and around 18ΒΊC on Summer it’s crazy and to stay depressed! ahaha

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