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The Portuguese. First Impression.

It can hardly be the first impression as I lived in Portugal and I was surrounded my locals only. Yet, after a long break from this country, there are so many things which surprise me again.

First of all, Portuguese people are very good looking! Very! They take care of themselves and they are fit. Portuguese ladies are nicely-dressed, and they are so faminine. Everyone wears a perfume, and smells really good.

As I arrived, I went to the pharmacy to buy a good suncream. I had a 20-minutes talk with the pharmacist lady. Small talk! The pharmacist did not try to sell me anything extra, we just talked how important it is to take care of the skin especially if you relocate yourself to a different climate.

Another thing, which immediately attacted my attantion is that portuguse people love dogs (like anyone else of course), but they are very expressive about it. My friend has a dog, and we went to walk it. On our rather short way, so many people were giving compliments to the animal and trying to pet it. So sweet 😍

Of course, the first 2-3 days are always difficult for me because of differences, and even my friends cause me ‘troubles’. I already wrote that Portuguese people give you 2 kisses on your chicks when you meet/leave. So, needless to say I had a terrible anxiety because people constantly wanted to kiss and hug me. This is so different from Finland where the private space is highly valued, sometimes too much though. 😌

8 thoughts on “The Portuguese. First Impression.

  1. Hating to seem a critic (but not wanting you to possibly embarrass yourself at a later date) the women are ‘feminine’ (if ‘famine’ they might be very skinny …).

    Now I hate myself …

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  2. 😁 Never want to try to kiss somebody on this cheeks here. This is a difficult country for a talkative person, normally she/ he is considered to be mad or drunken. Enjoy your life in there!
    It was nice to hear how they treat pets.


  3. It’s so nice to see when people from other countries talk so well about us (portuguese people)!
    Yes, for us it’s really important to look after the new people in the country! It’s like a feeling to: I would love to be treated that way.

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