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My Eating Habits in Portugal

I already made several posts praising Portuguese food, so I will skip that part for now.

All together I spent 5 months in Portugal, so I had a chance to eat like a Portuguese. 😁 The big change it was for me! In Finland, food hardly has any taste, and almost everything is fat free. In Portugal, on the opposite, the taste is strong, and first 2 weeks were really hard because food is salty, sweet, spicy, sour…

Though, the first 2 weeks I was eating a lot! And I forgot to say that Portuguese cuisine is very diverse, and there are still many dishes I had to try. My most favourite dishes contained seafood. And of course wine… the best in the world!

Because of healthy seafood diet, my hair, skin, and nails were in the excellent condition, like never before.

I completely agree on the saying: “We are what we eat”. Eat healthy! Keep healthy!❀

2 thoughts on “My Eating Habits in Portugal

  1. Mussels … straight from the sea into the hot embers, allowed to steam open and are as beautiful as any you will ever have prepared by the finest chefs.

    New Zealand mussels are much bigger than I ever found elsewhere, but no loss in quality~! And always a tiny crab living inside, sharing the host’s shellβ€”I don’t eat them myself but many consider them (wee crab) a bonus …


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