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The Castle of Silves

I absolutely love history, and castles are a special part of this passion. No wonder I am so attracted to my dear Portugal, which is so rich in that.

Like I already mentioned, Silves is a small town, but you can easily spend here several days, exploring the sightseeings. One of those attractions is the Castle of Silves, which dates back.. to 8th century! Just imagine how many stories these thick walls can tell? How many governors they have witnessed, how much sorrow and pain they have intaken?


Every person, visiting the castle, has own perception of the place. Someone sees a great view on the town, the other enjoys the architecture, the third is reading each stand with the information. And someone, like me, is travelling in time, picturing people in medieval costumes, hearing the neigh of horses, and the noise of heavy ammunition. And what kind of a visitor are you? ❀

Pictures from my Instagram

4 thoughts on “The Castle of Silves

    1. The castle dates back to the 8th century, clearly it went under a number of reconstructions. Unfortunately, I don’t know where was the last one πŸ™‚


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