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Road Trip to Algarve

I keep up repeating that my favourite part of Portugal is Algarve, the South of the country. At the end of July, I was lucky to go there again (I was before at the beginning of the same month, but it was a short visit). This time, my friends and I went for a week, and we went by car. This means that we can stop whenever and wherever we want. It is very important because Portugal is so rich in culture and history, so you can easily find something interesting even in a tiny place.

On those days, the temperature was around 40 degrees! And.. classy… the conditioner in the car got broken quite at the beginning of the trip. What is else on the way? 🙂

Here are me announcing the beginning of our trip:

And this a sheep family we met on the way 😍

Visual material from my Instagram

11 thoughts on “Road Trip to Algarve

  1. Loved the video elements in the blog, even though the first one was vertical (think TV when making video). I’ve become a YouTube vlogger, so am getting seriously into video. Keep up the very interesting blogs!

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