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Coimbra People

Everyone here in Portugal was telling me that people from the North of Portugal are the nicest. As an outsider, I would like to share my own opinion on it. Yes, people in the north are nice, but I felt more comfortable with Coimbra community. Before I got some Brazilian company to do sightseeing, I had a chance to talk to many locals and get my own thoughts on the environment there.

People were super nice, they were very helpful with directions, they were always into a small talk, and they simply were happy. They encouraged me to speak Portuguese, and they were very patient when I was searching for the right word to express myself.

There was a football match between Russia and Portugal upcoming days, and locals were making fun of the results and the fact that the Russian team gonna loose.

I enjoyed so much my stay in a lovely Coimbra, it’s unique history, rich culture, and welcoming people! For sure, I will come back ❤

8 thoughts on “Coimbra People

  1. As an insider of the country, I partially agree. Maybe because I am lisbo(r)n but I agree that Coimbra is special. Each stone there it seems they talk stories to us, and it’s a combination with the so-called north and south. Easily the best place to be!

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