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Porto, Portugal

Porto is the city, which all Portuguese people are in love with. Nevertheless, I always had strange relationship with that place. I always felt that we respect each other, but it was some tension, I don’t know why. But for sure, the city has a character!

After the seminar in lovely Aveiro, I went to Porto to visit my friends, who kindly provided me with accommodation and a tour around the city.

I was very pleased to see that the city is under reconstruction. When I was there in 2015, a huge number of buildings were absolutely ruined and abandoned. The city looked like a ghost town, a good scenery for a gothic movie, but not for living.

Now, Porto was shining, the city was boasting with its new fancy buildings, a huge number of tourists, great wine, francesinha. The city was awake and alive again. I was very happy to see the tough times are over! 😘

Pictures from Instagram account

18 thoughts on “Porto, Portugal

  1. Love your pics of Portugal. Would so much like to go there again but there is now way I can.
    But on a different track. May i ask what Words press theme you are using? I would love to be able to display my pics the wy you do. Ths,

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  2. Hi Elena, i saw your post last month and it gave we an exciting introduction to Porto. I’ve never been to Portugal and we are so pleased Porto was the first. Thank you for sharing your experiences and pictures… happy travelling to you.


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