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Aveiro Again

This trip was around 2 months ago, but only now I approached the time line to make a post about it. As you may remember, I came to Portugal for PhD exchange studies. I am very lucky with my supervisor, who is knowledgeable, devoted to her work, strict, and supportive. So, this lovely lady organised a seminar for me in Aveiro, for me to get more feedback on my research. Isn’t it wonderful?

Beside an opportunity to get new insights into my research, I had a chance to visit Aveiro for the 3rd time. It is a special place for me because I fell in love with Portugal exactly when I came here for conference in 2014. Since then, my love for this country was only growing. ❤

Aveiro is a very cosy and welcoming city, it is friendly and kind, and people are like a big family, where everyone cares for each other.

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