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Portuguese Complaints 

In my posts from the past, I was praising Portuguese people. This time I will talk about not so pleasant things, or better to say, about one trait, which is so typical for Português people – they are absolutely spoiled when it comes to food! Of course, I understand when you live in the country with such an amazing cuisine, you become picky. However, the Portuguese took it to a new level. They are really gourmets! 

Living in Finland for 8 years and eating far from being perfect meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, I enjoy absolutely everything here in Portugal! But not my Portuguese friends 😂 They can easily spot if the fish is straight from the ocean or if it is artificially cultivated. 

A separate story is wine! Wine here in Portugal is a sacred drink. Wine is chosen so  deliberately to accompany particular dish. And it is not easy because as my friends say: every bottle lives with its own life. Sometimes, you can feel the taste if the cork or the barrel which is not supposed to be there. If the wine is served unappropriatly, Portuguese people will immediatly complain about it. Every time it happens, I get surprised because as a novice I don’t feel big difference. 😏

But it is exactly this ‘pickiness’ which keeps the high quality and greate taste of the Portuguese cuisine! 😍❤

18 thoughts on “Portuguese Complaints 

  1. Sounds interesting, your story! Living in Finland, then in Portugal? I am living in Norway and dreaming of moving to Spain. Similar choices 🙂 The comparison of the Finnish and Portuguese must be funny and exciting.

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  2. Love your photos and observations on life in Portugal … I was there half my lifetime ago and lived it then … must be time to return … you have captured the colour, the ambience … the trams, the trains, Algarve … ahh, the beaches …

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