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First Day in Portugal

As I promised in my previous post to tell you briefly about the cultural shock I experienced on my arrival. No matter where I go, I need around 3 days to cool down and get used to small talk and short distance between people during communication.

As I am in Finland almost 8 years, and Finnish culture is just the opposite from Portuguese, this time became longer than 3 days, it took around 2,5 weeks!!! And the first day was the hardest.

The most shocking things were that people tried to touch me and kiss me all the time (in Portugal, they give 2 kisses when greeting someone). Can you imagine how stressed I was? For 8 months (since my last trip to Portugal), hardly anyone approached me closer than 1,5 meters 😂

On my first day, I also went through all complicated beurocracy! I got spoiled that Finnish system, which is very easy and transparent, and that was the reason why all the paper work seemed so difficult. However, as soon as I recollected the Russian way of dealing with papers (I guess one of the worst in the world!!), Portugal seemed much clearer in this issue.

At the end of a super long day (as I started my trip at 2 a.m. without sleeping), my friend and I went to a local restaurant and I ordered my favourite seafood rice… I was extremely exhausted but I was so happy to be back! ❤

6 thoughts on “First Day in Portugal

      1. Yes, there are a lot of polite forms in the language. I really had hard times in Finland saying ‘sinä’ to my professors, I would have big problems in Russia for using this form 😯☺

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