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Back to Portugal! ❤

I am finally back to my favourite country! It took me so long to get here again, a lot or paper work, stress, and planning, but it is worth every second spent!

This time I didn’t come as a tourist, I organized the PhD exchange for 2 months. As my home university does not have any agreement with Universidade de Lisboa, I had to collect and send all the papers myself.

So why Portugal? 

The first reason is obvious for those who follow me already for awhile: I simply do love this country and I want to spend more time here learning its culture, history, and language.

The second reason is that I found a great professor here, who is very knowledgeable in the field of multilingual education  (that’s what my dissertation is about) and extremely supportive. Unfortunately, despite the strong believe that Finnish universities are of high quality, I had quite frustrating experience. No, not regarding quality! I just don’t feel the support, and in a sense I do my research on my own. But, please! Don’t think it is a mainstream thing in Finland! It is just my experience, and most of my colleagues are very happy! 😉

As my visit this time is mainly scientific, I need to work hard and organise my day really well, so that I am extremely productive and I have time to meet friends and to do sightseeing. Well, I actually have a super intensive programme for my stay! Yahoo! 😍

In my next post, I will tell you about my experience on the arrival day and a terrible cultural shock I had to go through.

Have a great evening, my friends!  ❤

Beijinhos de Portugal! 😘

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