Happy Easter!

С Пасхой! Hyvää pääsiäistä! Feliz Páscoa! Glad Påsk! 🐣

This year, the Easter fell on the same day for Christianity  (usually Orthodox Easter is on a different day). 

I was always amazed that religious holidays are treated with such respect in Finland, no matter if people are believers or not. 

In Russia, such kind of holidays are only returning to people. This can be explained by the fact that religion was forbidden in Soviet Union. 

Nowadays, Easter is becoming more and more popular for Russian people. People decorate eggs and bake Easter cakes, basically like everywhere. 

I am also new to this holiday, and this year I decided to bake ‘кулич’ /’kulich’ (traditional Easter cake) for the first time ever. The dough is based on yeast, and raisins are added. I decided to include a little bit of papaya. And I went with the typical decoration on top ‘XB’ or  Христос воскрес, which means ‘Chris resurrected’.

How do you celebrate Easter? Is there any special dish, which you cook for this day?


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  1. Hmm, I wrote a comment, but it suddenly disappeared. Thank you for kulits. I think here young people have forgotten our traditions and just enjoy holidays by dancing and drinking. When I was young, everything was closed in Easter, shops, restaurants everything. Some people don’t know why the Easter is.

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    1. Sorry about that! I obviously had some technical problems.
      It can be also an age specific issue. When I was 20, I hardly was interested in anything like this. I wanted to party. But gradually things were changing, I learned who I am and I want to keep traditions of my family and society, of course with the respect to others. So, it is a life span, when we start appreciate traditions and culture after passing particular age.

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  2. In America (atleast in my family), we paint easter eggs, have candy, and celebrate the end of Lent and the beginning of the Easter Season. We always go to church at one of the parishes or the cathedral in Houston, Texas.


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