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What Finland Means To Me

I have been writing a lot about places I have traveled to. However, I hardly wrote anything about the country which was home for me for the last 8 years. This post will be very private, I gonna open up how I feel about the country I live in.

These 8 years were full of events, both good and bad, but this is how the life goes. There were also issues of being a foreigner in Finland. And there are things which I still dont understand. For example, being in sauna with strangers is fine, but small talk is a bit embarrassing.😀 And I didn’t manage to fall in love with salmiaki. But this post is not about that, this post is about what Finland means to me.

Finland is order. Finland is responsibility. Finland is all about being in time. Always! Finland is about being yourself and not trying to impress anyone. Finland is shy people, who blush if you try small talk. 

Finland is something I complain about, but it is the place I miss immediately when I am away or even when I am just about to leave.

Finland is respect and care for nature. Finland is fresh air, especilly at night, when the air smells like a fur-tree or a pine. Finland is jumping rabbits and wandering foxes when the sun goes down. Finland is a fog above Aura-joki in early morning. Finland is a screaming pheasant at 7 a.m. on Sunday.  

Finland is a part of me. ❤

34 thoughts on “What Finland Means To Me

  1. It’s great to read your adoration to finland,what it’s means especially to you! Always nice to read some personal touch:)! Have a great weekend MissElenka x

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  2. I actually like Salmiakki, the drink. The part I don’t get is, why would you waste a perfectly good shot and chase it down with beer. 😃 I’ve seen too many people do that. But it’s true that Finland is a magical place in many ways.

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      1. Of course my Finnish friend pointed out they all learned this in Spain. 😃 Never heard any of my Spanish friends mention Salmiakki to me, so I’m pretty sure Erasmus and cross-cultural exchange in shared housing had plenty to do with that one. 😁

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  3. Thanks for visiting me site! My first visit ever from Suomi!!! I worked a bit with the Finnish Army in Bosnia. I also made friends from the Russian Army. Finland seems like a really unique place. You are lucky to live there. By the way, most Americans think that Russia is pretty cool as well, we actually admire Russians and we like the fact that they are tough.
    Peace be the Botendaddy

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    1. Thank you for the great comment! I am sure that people all over the world have good attitude to each other. Sometimes we just should rely on media and follow politicians a bit less, and communicate with common people more, and there will be peace ❤


  4. You write so nicely about Finland! My dear homeland ❤ I think it's a great place and the people, well at least we are polite and respectful even though we don't speak so much to strangers 😀 Every country has it's own way of living 🙂 You captured it very nicely there!

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