Old Town of Lund

I already miss those cosy streets of Lund ❤


More of Lund

The next day was rainy, and the wind was strong. The city looked different, from a cosy sunny place it turned to a mystic town.

Lund, Sweden. Part 2

These are still the pictures from Wednesday. I always feel even more welcomed when the weather is so good, like this time.  I was walking around the city for about an hour. Some of the streets were tiny and toy-alike, they were resembling those from fairytales. 

Trip to Sweden

Well, this is actually not a tourist trip. I came to Sweden to participate in conference.  I am so happy to be back to Sweden. I got used to be there very often, particularly in Stockholm, because it is very easy to take a ferry from Turku.  This time I am staying in lovely cosy... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter!

С Пасхой! Hyvää pääsiäistä! Feliz Páscoa! Glad Påsk! 🐣 This year, the Easter fell on the same day for Christianity  (usually Orthodox Easter is on a different day).  I was always amazed that religious holidays are treated with such respect in Finland, no matter if people are believers or not.  In Russia, such kind of... Continue Reading →

What Finland Means To Me

I have been writing a lot about places I have traveled to. However, I hardly wrote anything about the country which was home for me for the last 8 years. This post will be very private, I gonna open up how I feel about the country I live in. These 8 years were full of... Continue Reading →

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