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While walking Portuguese streets, you see houses, churches, palaces covered with the ceramic tileworks, which are called azulejos. They differ in colours and patterns, bringing new aspects of Portuguese history and culture to tourists from all over the world.

Azulejos appeared in the 13th century to imitate Roman mosaic. According to some sources, Azulejos were brought from Spain and might have Arabic origin.

Azulejos is a piece of art, every building is decorated in an individual manner.

Which one do you like most? 😉

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11 thoughts on “Azulejos 

  1. In the north of Brazil there is the city called São Luis which is known as the “cidade dos azulejos”, because it houses an invaluable architectural tileworks collection, received the title of World Heritage by UNESCO in 1997. The tileworks of Portuguese majority cover the facade of the mansions, are the trademark of the city. Unlike other places in the world, the tileworks cover the outside. Search on google for “SãoLuiz cidade dos azulejos.”

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