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Walking Around Faro

I woke up really early that morning, the bag was already packed, and I went downstairs for breakfast. Typical breakfast in Portugal is very light, and sandwich or a pasty with coffee. I was enjoying my meal outside. The air was so fresh, and the sun was so bright. Just a perfect morning.

Once I had my coffee, I went for my last walk in Faro. I wanted to see the town in a daylight. There were hardly any people at this time on the street. It felt very private, just me and the town, face to face. I heard the local birds singing their own local songs, the air whistling some local melody, the cats talking their local language. Everything was talking to me, telling me stories, I loved how it sounded, but I couldn’t understand the meaning. And I will come back to learn.

9 thoughts on “Walking Around Faro

  1. Sintra, ahh… And the “Sails” of Alfama in old Lisboa… and the charm of the young people visiting in groups the Monument to Portuguese exploration… and the sun… and fado… and…

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