Sunset at Faro Beach 3

I hardly wrote anything in my last posts, I simply thought that words are not necessary and the pictures speak louder. I can’t put into words how happy and free I felt at that moment, I can’t describe the beauty I saw in that evening. But I can write what was in my mind at that moment. I thought how busy I was with the things which don’t make me happy, how deep I was drawing in my routine, chasing a better life day after day. All this was so little and meaningless. Better life was here. It was ocean, sun, fresh air… and friendly people with a big heart. ❤


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  1. I love south of Portugal. Have you visit Lagos already? I can recommed the beach line between Odeceixe and Aljezur as well. Actually it is my personal favourite. Thanx for stepping by to see my new post! 😉

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    1. Thank you for the comment! I have been to Lagos, too. Very lovely place, but Faroe charmed me more for some reason 😍 Although, I haven’t been to the beach you recommended, have to check it later this year! 😊


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