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Evening in Faro

When I arrived back from the beach to Faro, the sun already went down and the city put the lights on. It was a long day, and I was exhausted, but I didn't want to go to bed. I wanted to see the city at night with wandering tourists, relaxed locals, with music coming from… Continue reading Evening in Faro

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Next Stop: Faro

I am so much behind with my posts. But exactly now in the middle of the winter whem it is so cold and grey, it is especially pleasant to recover the beginning of autumn. It was September, 1 when I arrived to Faro, southern Portugal. In summer, 2015 I was exploring the North of my… Continue reading Next Stop: Faro

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The Portuguese LanguageĀ 

I decided to make a separate post on the Portuguese language. Being a linguist, I am very curious about any language I was exposed to in one way or another. Language is not only the way to communicate, language refrects the culture and how people think. Elaborating on the language is my favourite approach to… Continue reading The Portuguese LanguageĀ