Portuguese Food

Returning to the main topic – Portugal, and today I will write about amazing Portuguese food. Portuguese cuisine is among my favourite, it is full of taste, it is greasy, colorful, and simply delicious. ❤ The essential success of the cuisine is quality products. Vegetables and fruits grown in Portugal taste great because of climate and a lot of sun. So, using them as ingredients in different dishes guarantees excellent outcomes.

Another thing I absolutely love is seafood, all kinds of it! In Portugal, basically in every restaurant, you can get the freshest fish, octopus or seafood rice, and many other mind-blowing options. 

I have checked out many local dishes, and I should say that spicing is the next secret for an amazing taste. A lot of garlic and sauces usually accompany the main course. 

Prices in Portugal are a pleasant surprise after super expensive Finland, so I easily could afford eating in restaurants. The restaurants on the main streets are quite costly, and I highly recommend to walk small streets and search for a tiny local restaurant. The prices are very cheap there, and the quality of the food is even better. The interior is very basic, and it resembles a canteen, but it makes you feel that you sit somewhere in the kitchen and eat a home-made food.

Although I am absolutely in love with Portuguese cuisine, I still couldn’t resist having sushi, which by the way also taste great in Portugal.


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      1. Francesinha is a great dish, but if you go to Braga or to Viana do Castelo you’ll notice some differences in tradicional food. The fun fact is that how in a small country you can eat so much different and tasty tradicional food. Usually, fish dishes are in south, meat dishes are in north but you can eat almost everything in everywhere!

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  1. Portuguese food is quite special, and this coming from a portuguese blogger! We took that mediterrainean feel and applied it to whatever we could. the results? well i think you’ve tasted it! The fish is one of our best qualities, but you should maybe try the sardines when in the season! they’re magnificient!

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