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Carmo Convent

Today’s post is about my favourite sightseeing in Lisbon – Carmo Convent, the full name is Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmen, in Portuguese Convento da Ortem do Carmo. Last year I completely missed out this fascinating place.

The Convent was built in the Gothic style in 1389. In 1755, it suffered immensely from the earthquake.

Nowadays, it is a museum under the open sky, with the price of only 3 euros. The atmosphere is incredibly divine. If you are in Lisbon, you definitely should check the convent out!

In my next posts, I will continue sharing the pictures of this amazing place.

8 thoughts on “Carmo Convent

  1. It reminds me a little bit of Whitby Abbey with it’s open roof.Whitby Abbey gets its coastal fog which is probably where Bram Stoker got his inspiration for writing Dracula 😊

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