Arrival to Portugal 

My flight to Portugal was long and complicated. On the day of the departure I had an important exam, so no chance to take a nap. The flight was at 4 45 from Helsinki, so I had to take a bus from Turku well in advance. When I arrived at the airport, I was informed the flight was 1,5 hours delayed! Can you imagine? 😨😓 No sleep, plus I got a terrible flu on the day of the departure. Luckily the flight was direct and long, 5 hours, and I could relax. 

Needless to say that I was terribly exhausted, but as soon as the plain started to land and I saw Lisbon.. I became so happy and excited that I forgot about tiredness and a sleepless night. ❤

Here is a blanket and a pillow of the airline colours.


16 thoughts on “Arrival to Portugal 

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  1. Hi! hope you enjoyed Lisbon! Next time, try to visit the north of Portugal, there is so mutch to do and see that you’ll fall in love too! If you need help, just ask!

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      1. Oh great! I am trying to show the north of Portugal to the world as local specially those places that usually you don’t know they exist. I try to show everything, nature, restaurants, cities, world cooking, Portuguese food…everything…

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