The Next Stop: Portugal 

I was on the way back home from lovely Denmark, and next trip occupied my mind fully. I still had 10 days of vacation and as a matter of fact I wanted to spend them in my favourite, sunny country – amazing Portugal.❤

Although it was a rather short trip, I manage to explore the south of Portugal where I have never been to and to spend some time in the nice, cosy capital – Lisbon. All in all, I took more then 1000 pictures. I tried to capture every moment, every positive emotion, which I needed so badly. 

In a way, the trip was an escape from problems, people who tried to make my life harder, promises which never were kept. I needed to air my mind in order to understand what is important and what is not, what I really like and want to do. It is not the first time when  Portugal helps me out and gives me answers to my questions. Portugal is not just a warm country with rich history, Portugal is a true friend. 


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      1. I agree. Pictures do help me remember things better. Yes, I take a lot. I take pictures every single day. Mostly nature stuff and my boy. Love what you said about places being sacred. That’s a great description word. 🙂


  1. We just wrapped up our first trip to Portugal. what a wonderful and easy going place. Five generations ago, an ancestor left Portugal for California. The people there welcomed me as if I was a resident who just left for a vacation. Several times they helped me with the “correct” pronunciation of my name.

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