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About Danish People 

For a while, I was elaborating if I should make this post. At the end, I think there is nothing wrong to share my opinion and observation not only about culture and history, but also people of the country in visited. Because it is first of all people who represent the culture and keep historical memories.

So what are Danish people like? ☺ The first things which are noticed straight away are that Danes have good social skills and they are very polite. Then, Danish people are very smart and they have a good sense of humour. 

Moreover, people in Denmark are aware of themselves. They know who they are, and they are proud of themselves. People know their good and bad sites, weaknesses and stregths. They are open minded and they respect opinions of other people even if they support another point of view. These very self-awareness and critical thinking make Danish people so attractive. Maybe it is also the reason for happiness, I guess you heard that the happiest people live in Denmark? ☺ 

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