Back to Copenhagen 

After spending half a day in Helsingør, I came back to the local train station. I was very happy to see that the train to the capital goes every 20 minutes and I did not have to wait long. I decided to get a glass of hot chocolate before the departure because I was freezing so badly and my flu was getting only worse. 

When I got into the train, it was already very crowded and I hardly found a free place. The time to depart had come, but the train did not move. That was very strange because cancellations and delays happen extremely seldom in Northern Europe. And if they do, the relevant information appears on the screen. But there was none… so people just changed for the other train departing 20 minutes later. 

It felt like a little adventure, and there was even something mystic in it because these kinds of situations are super rare and nordic people do not make mistakes. 🙂 


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