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Random of Tver

This is my last post related to Russia and Tver in particular. This time I post the pictures which somehow did not fit before, so this post is quite random.

The first picture represents the architecture of Khruschev times. The houses were built as a temporary solution for people to live in before proper flats will be organised. That’s why ‘Khruschevka’ flats are extremely small. The reality is that temporary accommodation turned out to be permanent…

This house is really new. As ‘Khruschevka’, it is a budget variat for those who cannot afford more expensive flats.

The sunset. I don’t think I should say anything extra then sunsets in very country, every city are amazingly beautiful.

This lovely chicken is placed just in front of the local fast food restaurant to attract customers. And he absolutely does! 🙂 The chicken is funny and cute, isn’t he? 🙂

On the last picture, you can see a trolleybus. Unfortunately, this kind of transportation is still quite outdated in comparison to trams.

That was it so far. I hope you learned more about Russia and about life in a smaller city.

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