Another Side of the City

I promised you to show the city of Tver how I see, what catches my eye, either good or bad. This post will be quite different from the previous colourful ones. The thing is that the life outside Moscow and St. Petersburg is different. Smaller cities have different life standard, different problems, and if course different budget. The contrasts within smaller cities are even more obvious.

Tver is changing a lot, and what is good,  changing for the better. In 90es and 2000, there were a lot of kiosks  selling different things such as newspaper, chocolate, beer, and snacks. Nowadays, they are almost gone, but I found one! 🙂 Please, pay attention to  the ad ban just above it. Really big, isn’t it? The advertising culture is entirely different from Finland.

One of the buildings of the railway station:

And this picture is the sadest… this is the playground of my childhood…

The next post will much more positive, and I will show you the things which make me proud of the city! 


10 thoughts on “Another Side of the City

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  1. From the other end of the world Russia appears as a myth through mists. I often feel the power of the Russian love for Russia—and I think your national anthem is the best I’ve ever heard (even though the translations must leave a lot to be desired).

    When I go for long walks with my camera I take a wee iPod (Shuffle) loaded with balalaika playing; so haunting and evocative—with some you don’t hear it—you feel it.

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    1. Very interesting view and very warm-hearted comment! But you are right, we see each other through movies and news, and of course stereotypes. However, in a long-distance-travel list, Newcastle Zealand is number one for me. The movies made it even more attractive, those landscapes 😍

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