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Russian “dacha” is a piece of land in most cases with a house, located somewhere in the countryside. It is an equivalent for a summer cottage in Finland, but way more modest, often without water and in some cases without electricity. “Dacha” is a place where people grow vegetables, fruits, berries, or simply go to rest from a noisy city life with their family and friends. Today my post is about my parents’ “dacha”, which is extremely modest in terms of property, but very rich in harvest.

Nowadays it is possible to buy everything in the shop for decent prices. It also takes much energy and time to grow your own food. I am a city person, so I hardly understand why to put some much effort into something you can easily buy. But my parents grew up in a countrysides, and that’s the hobby they used to and they truly enjoy. They say that own potato, tomato, cucumber or whatsoever tastes so much better, and I fully agree with this.

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