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Food Shopping

I go to Russia once a year and spend a week there. This is why very often I feel like a tourist and I get surprised by things which looked so familiar and ordinary before. I try to make as many pictures as possible to share with my friends. The pictures are related basically to everything: architecture, sightseeing, or food shopping like in this post.

This is one of the strangest post I made, but I just can’t ignore such a thing like buying food. Now, living abroad and travelling quite much, I sincerely believe that shopping, food shopping in particular, is a cultural aspect like cuisine or places of interest.

On the main picture, you can see cherry juice, which is my favourite and which is not sold here in Finland. In Russia, cherry is very popular, there are cherry jam, pies, juices, and even chewing gum with the taste of cherry.

Although Finland does not have cherry juice, the country can easily be proud of its amazing coffee. Luckily, you can find this Finnish brand on the Russian market. I couldn’t resist from posting the chips because the cover contains the characters which Russian children really like. And these characters are… Finnish! 😀

In Russian shops, you will find a lot of internationally famous products, which adjust to the Russian market, e.g. the popular chips with the taste of… crab. In general, you will see a wide range of food with different flavours and in very VERY bright packages, which is not that typical for minimalist Northern Europe.

And of course, Russian sweets, which are one of the best in the world in my opinion. ❤

You can even choose the fish for dinner, but I personally find it a bit cruel.

Speaking about Russia, it is simply not possible not to mention the main stereotype… vodka, which was on a discount on that day.

And, NO, Russian people do not drink vodka instead of water. 😀 Moreover, I can proudly say that healthy lifestyle with minimal alchohol consumption is highly popular nowadays.

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