Leo Tolstoy: a Writer or… a Train

I had exactly 14 hours to prepare for my next trip since I returned from Czech Republic. This time the destination was the central part of Russia, to where it’s easy to get from Helsinki by train. Why train? I  think it is simply convinient and fast, 12 hours only, and it is something I got used to since childhood. I remember travelling for 36 hours one way from central Russia to the south to see grand parents, and it was fun! I had a lot of toys with me, and there were always a lot of children to play with.

But, now, lets return to my last trip. I was at the Helsinki railway station 40 minutes before Leo Tolstoy arrived. No, not the writer. The train, named after the great writer! The train was fully renewed a couple of years ago, and now it looks very luxurious and comfortable and makes a great impression. In each car, there is a staff, who takes care of passengers.


 In my next posts, I will share my experiences and feelings about visiting the home country, doing shopping, going to the nature, and just being a tourist there.




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