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The West Point of the East

Talking about my trip to Prague and my interest in history, I can not skip a particular period in Czech history – Soviet influence. The problem is I don’t know how to speak about it either. This is the emotionally attached factor for me as I was born in the Soviet Union. Although I remember little from those times, I heard a lot of romantic in a way stories from my grandparents about how good the life in Soviet Union was, people were equal, and there were so much order around. Nowadays, it is trendy to criticise everything related to Soviet Union, but I simply can’t… I think it is so much more complex, and there are equally positive and negative issues there. Among the negative sides was the desire of Soviet rulers to affect some eastern European countries. When I was walking some Prague streets, I could easily feel, that Czech Republic was also among those countries. For some reason, I look at history through the architecture. And Soviet block architecture is very special, special in a way that houses are the same, they are grey, and having no identity to highlight equality…

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