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Czech Cuisine 

​This is not typical for my blog to post foodies, but I think it is important to introduce Czech cuisine as a part of the amazing culture. I would like to start from restaurants. 

Most of the restaurants don’t have fancy interior, and they more resemble pubs with unique atmosphere, to where you can easily drop by, have an excellent Czech beer for a very reasonable price, and have a chat with a barman.

 Of course, in such places there is food which perfectly accompanies beer. Czech food is extremely fat and tasty. 

Dangerous combination, isn’t it? 😀 as I already mentioned, it was my second time in Prague, so I had a chance to discover Czech cuisine before and find out my favourite dish – roasted duck. This was basically my main meal during the entire stay in Prague.

A separate word for the disserts. They are simply amazing! 😍

3 thoughts on “Czech Cuisine 

  1. I love it on my trips that in western countries you get introduced to restaurants and you have fancy forks and candles and other stuff on the table and I think how we are uncultivated pigs here in CZ. But then I come back here and I feel so comfy, just having a beer and duck with dumpling on the wooden table, not feeling like I have to act fancy to fit in 🙂

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