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Vyšehrad, Prague

During my winter trip in 2013, I did not have time to visit this amazing place. That’s why I was extremely happy, when I succeeded to see it with my own eyes. I grew up in the culture of Orthodox churches and cathedrals, which are so beautiful inside and full of paintings and gold decorations. Nevertheless, I was always attracted by Catholic cathedrels, especially those built in the Gothic and neo-Gothic stiles. The church on the pictures is exactly one of those, and its name is the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul. What is so special what it? It was founded in… the 11th centuary! The only thought of this is fascinating…


Pictures from my Instagram.

4 thoughts on “Vyšehrad, Prague

  1. I think I went here but I didn’t go inside! What a mistake, from your lovely pictures it looks so tranquil. I guess I’ll have to go again…


    1. I got used just to enjoy churches from outside, but I should say each of them has an incredible history and divine atmosphere inside, not depending on the religion it belongs to. That’s why nowadays I visit them. 🙂

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