Juhannus in Oulu

Juhannus is one of the most loved by Finnish people holiday. This holiday exists also in other cultures, and it is known as Midsummer, but it is mostly celebrated in Finland and Sweden. During Juhannus, people have relaxing time in cottages, they grill and spend as much time outside as possible. The only disturbing this about this lovely holiday is the weather, which got used to be really terrible exactly on those days. However, this year we all were extremely lucky, the sun was shining most of the time and the temperature was around 20 and sometimes even more! What else do you need for an excellent Juhannus? 😀


Like I already mentioned, during Midsummer people spend a lot of time in the nature especially if the weather is so great. But this is not just sitting outside, this is much of sports activity. In my case, it was playing golf and using supboard. Both activities are absolutely new for me, I went for it for the first time, so it was a lot of challenge and fun.

Golf. For some reason, I always thought it is a super boring thing. Moreover, you need patience for it, which I definitely lack. Exactly with this attitude I came to the golf court. It is SUPER hard! The main difficulty for me was simply to hit the ball, probably from 3-4th attempt I succeeded. Although the start was tough, it absolutely affected my mood in the positive way. If this is something you never tried, I recommend to experience. I figured out that it’s not my type of sport, but I will definitely do it again some day. 🙂


Considering gorgeous weather and warm water in the river, it was a must to go with a supboard. It was very refreshing! I enjoyed! and… easier than golf, well, at least for me.. 🙂




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