Vaasa, Finland

Most of the posts are related to my trips abroad. This time I decided to write shortly about a Finnish town – Vaasa, which I have been visiting quite often . The town is located in the West part of the country on the sea shore.


What is so special about Vaasa?  On the West coast, particularly in Vaasa, there is a Swedish-speaking population, with their own dialect and culture. So, Vaasa is the place where both languages are spoken, and so far the only place in Finland where shop assistants addressed me in the 2 languages. This was a pleasant surprise as I am very happy to speak some Swedish. 🙂

What really surprises me is that the two communities – Finnish and Swedish – have their own life, go to different bars and restaurants, and hardly communicate with each other for some reason. At least, I got such an impression.

If you are interested in history, Vaasa has something to offer even though the town is relatively young in European standards, it was founded in 1606. There are museums and other historically significant places. But what I love most is the nature: Vaasa is situated by the sea and accompanied with the archipelago. As follows, picturesque views are guaranteed! 🙂


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