Madrid: Part 2

As was promised, I am making another post about my trip to the Spanish capital. This time I will talk about 2 significant for the Spanish culture issues: football and corrida de torres or bullfight.

I got used to be an absolutely hockey person, and football was never in the focus of my interest until I went to lovely Portugal. After spending some time in Portugal, where football is like a religion, I coundn’t stay indifferent to this kind of sport, it’s impossible. So, while planning the trip to Madrid my boyfriend suggested that we watch the football match, I easily agreed.


We went to see the game of Atletico de Madrid, which ended up on the 3rd place in the Spanish ligue this year. Needless to say, that the game was extremely beautiful and of a high quality. There was another thing I was pleasantly surprised about – FANS! The way they supported their team was incredible, they were singing, shouting out  slogans, waving flags and scarfs, they were cheering up the team all the time. Fans were so energetic, emotional, and sincere. It was awesome to be a part of that crowd! I really recommend to experience the Spanish football when you have a chance!

If my experience with football was extremely positive, the other cultural aspect left me in a rather contradictory condition.. It was a bullfight. Being an important part of Spanish culture for centuries, this tradition still keeps existing.


Indeed, a strong mighty animal and a brave skillful man facing each other on the arena. There is something fascinating, hypnotizing, and special about it, something that you will never see in any other country.

But the final scene of corrida left me speechless…




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