Madrid, Spain

Spain is one of the biggest and historically rich countries in Europe. It is famous for great food, incredible wine, spectacular football, controversal corrida or bullfight, beautiful people, everlasting summer, and many other aspects. This is why Spain, Madrid in particular, became the target of our mini vacation. 🙂

It was my first time in this amazing country, so I payed attention basically to everything. First thing which attracts attention is architecture; the buildings are enormous, spacious, and pompous, reflecting marvellous history. In the city, there are many museums which introduce the incredible Spanish culture and history.

Of course, local people are another issue which catches an eye. They look confident, very attractive, and stylish; men are masculine, and ladies are feminine. Like a person, who has never been to Spain before, I sincerely expected to see loud people, who gesticulate a lot. But this turned out to be just a stereotype, well… accept the football match 😀

Spanish people really like animals, and in the city you can see a great number of dogs and cats, which are very social, also confident, and absolutely cute. For instance, this dog was extremely popular with the passers-by, everyone wanted to pet her and take a picture of her. ❤

In my next post, I will write about my experience in the football match and corrida de torres (bullfight).


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