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Summer, Summer

For years, I was waiting for better times, for moments when the life will finally start. Then, I realized that life is not yesterday or tomorrow, life is right here and right now. This is the moment to be happy, enjoy, to discover. This is why I spent 2 months of my summer for traveling, I wanted to meet new people, get acquainted with other cultures, enjoy sightseeing and food, and simply learn myself.

So, my destinations were Portugal (Lisboa, Porto, Aveiro), Norway (Oslo), Denmark (Copenhagen), Norway (Trondheim), and of course home – Russia (Sochi). All the places are so different and they have their own peculiarity and authenticity.

But there are 2 places where I felt most comfortable: Portugal and Denmark. Denmark felt very familiar and close because it is Nordic country with a tough climate and similar way of thinking. At the same time, Denmark is a country with unique architecture where you can easily have a small talk with a stranger and where the food has an incredible taste.

And of course Portugal… This country feels like home.. It feels better than home! Sun, ocean, amazing food, friendly and welcoming people. It is the place where strangers will take care of you not asking anything in return, the place where people are happy despite anything. Absolute paradise!

What this year has prepared for me? Which destinations and cultures? I am so excited to learn this world!

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