Incredible Easter

This Easter I happened to be in lovely Lapland again. While in Turku all snow had already gone, winter was still in Lapland. It was great to experience the last moment of winter, before proper spring will arrive. And of course, I could not resist from making a snowman or better to say a snowwoman 😛


Being away from city noise and troubles, I was truly enjoying good company, tasty food, and many small nice things.

1. Excellent food

Cooking has been my hobby for a long time. I am experimenting with dishes from Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese cuisine. Easter was not an exception, but what can be better than a sausage grilled on the fire? 🙂

2. reindeer Race

Spending time in Lapland automatically means a meeting with reindeer.  That’s why attending a raindeer race was a must. I should say I have never been to a similar event before, and my curiosity was overwhelming: Can raindeer really run?  Yes, they can…  😀


3. Stand Up

Another new experience was a stand up show. I can not find myself among the fans of this genre as such, but it was fun indeed! I highly recommend in case you have not attended any stand up shows.

4. Palju

This is an absolutely new thing for me! Palju (I hope I spelled it correctly) is a bathtub or swimming pool on wheels. What makes it very special is that the water is warmed up to 37-40 degrees either with the help of electricity or wood when it is cold outside. Perfect condition is when the temperature outside is -10. Luckily, I was in palju when it was 37 degrees inside and only 0 outside. You cannot imagine how relaxing it was! Except the moment of leaving the palju.. 🙂


5. Northern Lights

Being in Finland almost 7 years, I have never seen the Northern Lights… till this Easter. Incredibly magical moment! (unfortunately, no pictures available)



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